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In a nutshell: I am a qualified psychologist and psychometrist who is relentlessly passionate about helping others, like yourself, ignite their true potential so that you can live a life that is truly successful, meaningful, and fulfilling. All I need is a deep-rooted desire to become this version of yourself and the courage to start!

As a professional, I am a registered Counselling Psychologist and qualified Psychometrist, specialising in self-mastery and personal development. I help individuals who:

  • tend to feel that they have lost their way in life
  • become very disconnected from themselves and others
  • struggle with burnout, depression, and/or anxiety
  • want to eliminate bad habits and instil better ones
  • want to overcome perfectionism and impostor syndrome
  • find more meaning and fulfilment in their life
  • want to better understand themselves
  • want to pivot their careers and do meaningful work
  • want to improve their self-confidence and self-esteem

As a multi-hyphenate, I am blessed to have fulfilled several roles in my career through which I have acquired a very unique set of skills. I have filled the role of a psychologist, psychometrist, lecturer, researcher, web developer and graphic designer, digital marketer, content creator, and corporate wellness programme director. As a lecturer, I’ve lectured psychology on a Masters, third year and first year level at two of South Africa’s top tertiary institutions. Under my academic hat, I have also published articles in both national and international journals, and have presented my research at the European Association for Research on Adolescents (EARA) in Spain. From the above it is quite pertinent that I have many passions and interests, however, if I had to pull all of the golden threads together, I would consider myself to be someone with a passion for people, driven to help others become the best version of themselves, educating the world at large, and trying to bring about change in the lives of others–regardless of its magnitude.

As a digital diva, I have a geek-like excitement when it comes to technology and the digital world. As such, I always try and stay abreast of new developments within the fields of technology and psychology. Given technology’s infiltration into our daily lives, I feel it’s pertinent to raise awareness of the conscious use of technology, its correlates and consequences, and setting healthy digital boundaries. 

I am also an activist for the value inherent in psychometric assessments, both for the individual and the corporate. Following from this, I am also a strong advocate for digital ethics. I feel it is essential for businesses to be cognisant of how they design their products and its effects on the user. As such, I act as a consultant to product design and development teams in helping them apply psychological principles in an ethical and empowering manner.

As a curious learner, I always try to better myself by acquiring new information, knowledge and skills. I firmly believe that if you ever reach a point where you feel like you know everything, that is the moment where you actually stop learning. I am currently in my third year of my doctorate studies in the field of Psychology at the University of Johannesburg, which focuses on a combination of network analysis, psychometrics, and personality functioning.

My education. I completed both my PhD and MA in Psychology at the University of Johannesburg. As part of my practical training, I was placed at Helen Joseph Hospital, Akeso Clinic (Parktown), and the Centre of Psychological Services and Career Development (PsyCaD) at the University of Johannesburg. I completed my internship at the Wholeness Centre @Mosaïek in Johannesburg, where I worked with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. Following my internship, I practiced privately in Sandton, Pretoria, and currently in Cape Town. 

Psychological assessments. As a qualified psychometrist, I offer a range of psychological assessments to individuals and corporates. I’ve been trained in the 16PF, MMPI, and a range of other exclusive psychological assessments ranging from personality to career to leadership development and emotional IQ. I am a strong advocate for the use of psychological assessments to enhance the personal growth journey of all clients. These assessments can provide valuable insights and information that may have otherwise gone unacknowledged. 

True happiness is not found in external pursuits or achievements but is a byproduct of self-discovery and knowing who you are. Embracing your authentic self, understanding your values, and aligning your actions with them lead to enduring joy.

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