What vulnerability IS and is NOT

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of connection and the path to the feeling of worthiness. If it doesn’t feel vulnerable, the sharing is probably not constructive.” Brené Brown Vulnerability truly does form the cornerstone of meaningful connections. It is only through our vulnerabilities that we truly connect. Vulnerability is the type of sharing to which a

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What I’ve Learnt on Your Life’s Purpose

As a psychologist, I often have clients who come in wanting me to help them discover their purpose in life. Finding purpose is a great endeavour in life, but if you go about it the wrong way, then you will not only end up despondent (like you have no purpose in life), but you are

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How to develop successful health behaviour campaigns

Designing effective health behaviour campaigns are essential given that today’s leading causes of death are behaviour-related, and thus, preventable. However, health campaigns can end up being disastrous if the intended message that gets communicated has the opposite effect to what was intended or desired. The main reason behind this ‘boomerang effect’ is what researchers term psychological

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How self-criticism is harming you

“You are really ugly” … “You really should not be taking selfies, no camera is made for that face” … “Gosh, look at those teeth, rather keep your mouth shut” … “Why is your hair so curly?” … “You are just a burden to everyone around you” … “No one really wants to hang out

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11 Subtle signs you are a Perfectionist

We now live in a culture that idolises perfectionism. The pressure to look and be the best is now higher than ever before. Once only to torment a select few, perfectionism has become a wide-spread phenomenon, fuelled by social media, modern parenting practices, meritocracy, and an increased competitive economy.  Perfectionism can be broadly defined as  a

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tired child

What if we are raising a tired generation?

Across the world, the academic and social pressures on tweens (i.e., pre-adolescent children) and teens (13-18 year olds) have escalated to an all-time high, as have the prevalence of mental health issues among these age groups. When it comes to adults, aspects such as work pressure, unrealistic work commitments, burnout, and toxic productivity are actively

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Perfectionism: A Lurking Epidemic

As a child, colouring in was probably one of my favourite activities, but I can still vividly recall the day in kindergarten where the crayon in my hand slipped slightly, making a mark outside of the solid black line on my drawing. My lower lip started trembling. Tears started filling my eyes. I was devastated.

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Can we stop with the Happiness hacking?

Can we focus on human hacking instead? I know I will probably receive some criticism or backlash from this post, but alas, here I go.  As a psychologist, and a strong advocate for the field of positive psychology, I am all for using personal strengths and resources to pull oneself up by your own bootstraps

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